Haxan Films sind/waren:

Eduardo Sanchez, Dan Myrick, Gregg Hale, Michael Monello und Robin Cowie (ist mittlerweile nicht mehr dort beteiligt.) 




The Blair Witch Project [1999]

Country of Origin: USA
Year of Production: 1998
Running Times:
81 mins 87 mins

Format: colour / black and white
Sound: Dolby SR


Production Company: Haxan Films
Executive Producers: Bob Eick, Kevin J. Foxe
Producers: Gregg Hale, Robin Cowie
Co-Proder: Michael Monello

Script: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez

Directors: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez

Director of Photography: Neal Fredericks
Additional Photography: Hector Lopez
Stills: Stefanie Decassan, Julei Ann Smith
Colour: Colourlab

Editors: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
Video to Film Transfers: 4MC, David Donaldson, Beverly Brooks

Music / Music Performed By: Tony Cora
Music Assistant: Dan Barrio
Songs: Klaus Heesch [Rigors], George Wyle, Sherwood Schwartz [The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle]
Songs Performed By: Digginlilies [Rigors]

Sound Mixer: Dana Meeks
Final Mixers: Wilshire Stages, Gerry Lentz, Rich Weingart, Harry Cohen
Audio: Jack Sherdel and the entire staff at Digitec

Production Designer: Ben Rock
Art Director: Ricardo R. Moreno
Scenic Art: Andrew White, Brigan Docking
Art Technician: Patricia DeCou

Phase One Instigators: John Pierson - Grainy Pictures; Howard Bernstein
Audition Assistants: Matt Compton, Stefanie DeCassan, Carolyn DeCassan, Fahad Vania, Britt Nichols, Rachel Carter, Kelly Phipps
Accountants: Sarah Cowie; Gene O'Baker; Wolf, Young, O'Baker; Shelley Buell
Marketing: Harry Clein, Jeremy Walker / Clein + Walker
Legal: Bill Whitacre
Investor Tape Production: Joe Solari, Wendy Smith, Dave Segal, Trey Butts, Dennis Warner, Crystal Jordan, Jenn Winn
Behind the Scenes Video: Zubi Mohammed, Ray Combs
Key PA: Lonnie Glerum
Production Assistants: Stefanie Decassan, Carolyn Decassan, Julia Fair, Shannon Kibler, Kurt McNew, Tina Plank, Billy Plank, Dave Poole, Sandra Sanchez, Adrian Steinbach, Fahad Vania, Mark Bobrow
Posted on the Media 100 XR at Haxan Films, Orlando, Florida
How to Stay Alive in the Woods used by permission of Curtis Brown Ltd

Locations: Matt Compton, Melvin Bayer, Christian Gueverra; Adamstown Village Market; B.B. Browns Lawn and Garden; RDV Sports; Silver Rail Diner; Staub's Country Inn; The St Augustine Old Jail; WESH Channel 2, Orlando, Florida
Locations: Burkittsville, Maryland, USA; Seneca Creek State Park, Maryland, USA; Patapsco Valley State Park, Maryland, USA; courtesy of Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Special Thanks: Jane E. Barrick, Teresa Bone, Peter Broderick, Carmen Cacaven, Larry Carneglia, Brian Clark, Sandy Craig, Matthew Curtis, Dex Dean - Coastal Leasing, Cecilia Decassan, Gino Decassan, Enzian Theater, Filmmaker Magazine, Sarah Foxe, Richard and Ingrid Fraley; Melanie Gasper; Ellen Gillis; Lonnie Glerum; Greta - Christensen Group; Christian Guevara; Dee Guzzi; Tonya Hale; Lynda Hansen; Thomas Ethan Harris; Hudson Trails Outfitters; Diana Iwanow; Jeff Johnson; Mary Johnson; Bob Jones; Mike Jones; Nancy King; Louise Levinson; Jean Lipphard; Sandra Lukas; Mark and Brian Show; Terry Martin; Margarita Moreno; Oscar Moreno; Dick Morris; Mott's Fruit Punch; Joe Nagy; Michael Nelson; Peg O'Keef; Anthony Pekarik; Klark J. Perez; John Pierson; Janet Pierson; Power Bar Inc; Don Rhodes; Rio Grande; Brian Saway; Cecilia Saway; Rick Saway; William Saway; Catherine Saway; Catherine Smith; Don Smith; Stackpole Books; Success Rice; Susanne Haley Talent; University of Central Florida; Vaughn Broadcast Rental; Dennis Warner; Paul K. Williamson - St Augustine Amphitheatre; Lorraine Wood; Tara Zwicker
Extra Special Thanks: Stefanie DeCassan; Richard and Jan Ungaro; Lindsey and Francis Tanner; Gene O'Baker; Steve Boudreau; Scott Macquarrie; Jack Sherdel; Dave Norman; Kurt McNew; Jim and Korrin Ritzel; Jackie Hale; Les and Fran Cowie; Ali Steinbach
Thanks to all our family and friends who supported us throughout the production of this film.

Stunt Rigging: Douglas Retzler, Stephen A. Blake

Additional Casting: Lisa Dane

Heather Donahue [Heather Donahue]
Michael Williams [Michael Williams]
Joshua Leonard [Joshua Leonard]
Sandra Sanchez [woman with baby]
Mark Mason [Burkittsville native]
Bob Griffin, Jim King, Ed Swanson, Patricia DeCou [interviewees]
Jackie Hallex


Three young film-makers venture into the Black Woods of Maryland in search of the legendary Blair Witch. They vanish and are never seen again. But a year later, their footage is found and reassembled...


A truly unnerving return to the old values of horror cinema, an exercise in suggestion, The Blair Witch Project was the horror hit of 1998 and one of the best films of its decade. Its fake cine-verite style divided fans and critics alike, but there's no denying the effectiveness of both the film itself and the extraordinary publicity campaign that surrounded it.


Theatrical Distributor: Pathe
Video Distributor: Pathe
DVD Distributor: Pathe

Theatrical Distributor: Artisan


Rating: 15


23: USA - midnight: World premiere, Sundance Festival

13: USA - theatrical release

8: UK - premiere at the Raindance Film Festival, London
14: UK - The Student Blair Witch Project Tour begins across the UK
15: UK - The Sci-Fi Channel [UK] shows Witchcraft: Inside the Blair Witch Project
16: UK - Shown at midnight showings at both the Leeds Festival and at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.
21: UK - To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the disappearance of the three film-makers, BBC Radio 1 and Pathe stage a special series of screenings across the UK.
22: UK - The film opens in the following selected:

ABC Cinema Tottenham Court Road, London
Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham
The Arts Picture House, Cambridge
Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh
Chapterhouse, Cardiff
Chelsea Cinema, London
Curzon Soho
Duke of York's Picture House, Brighton
Harbour Lights Picture House, Southampton
Notting Hill Coronet, London
Odeon Camden Town, London
Odeon Cinema, London Road, Liverpool
Odeon Cinema, Renfield Street, Glasgow
Odeon Holloway Road, London
Odeon Kensington, London
Odeon Marble Arch, London
Odeon Swiss Cottage, London
Phoenix Picture House, Oxford
Queens FT, Belfast, Northern Island
Renoir Brunswick Square, London
Ritzy Cinema Brixton, London
Screen on Baker Street, London
Showcase Cinema, Leeds
Showroom, Sheffield
Tyneside Film Theatre, Newcastle
UCI Trafford Centre, Manchester
UCI Whiteleys Bayswater, London
Virgin Cinema, Arcadian Centre, Birmingham
Virgin Cinema Fulham Road, London
Virgin Cinema Haymarket, London
Warner Village Finchley Road, London
Warner Village Leicester Square, London
Warner Village, The Venue, Bristol

22: UK - Sky One broadcasts The Curse of the Blair Witch [1998]
23: UK - Channel 4 broadcasts The Blair Witch Phenomenon
29: UK - The film opens nationwide across the UK. On the same night, The Sci-Fi Channel [UK] repeats its Witchcraft: Inside the Blair Witch Project special
30 - 31: UK - Rapture's Blair Witch Project Weekend
31: UK - Sky One repeats The Curse of the Blair Witch

3: USA - television distributor [on The Movie Channel]
7: USA - television distributor [on The Movie Channel]


In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found.

Everything you've heard is true.


The Woods Movie - early title
The Black Hills Project - working title


Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 [2001]

The Blair Witch Phenomenon [1999]
The Burkittsville Seven [2000]
The Curse of the Blair Witch [1998]
LA7: Into the Unknown [2000]
The Last Broadcast [1997]
Shadow of the Blair Witch [2001]



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